Sometimes we all need to handle ourselves with kid gloves and spend a day out on the playground.

Much has happened in the year and a half that the blog was on hiatus. A week after that first entry, my nephew moved in, my office turned into a walk-in closet, and then there were four in my shrinking, two-bedroom, 1200 square-foot mancave turned nursing home turned flophouse.

I remember feeling hesitant and ill-prepared about this venture anyway, not really knowing how to proceed or what direction to go. I knew nothing about blogs or the world of online writing; I was simply trying to document the little world around me, my thoughts about the situation with Mom and the joys and difficulties of these years together.

Fear dictated and led a reign that saw days when every excuse in The Book Not To Write was common law.  Add to that, I now had to muse and research and eke out a story at a shared desk with Nephew playing World of Warcraft a nerve-racking inch and a half away.  There was always something…just not the blog.

But onward I trudged. I sought answers. I joined several writers’ groups to keep my craft alive and growing, not stagnant. Despite the din and clutter in my house and my mind, I used the time constructively, read a lot, wrote flash fiction, learned to better self-edit, read even more, and found the peace to pen in a World of Warcraft.

And I also started a manuscript.

Not about Mom, though.  A fun little Middle Grade romp.  Sometimes we all need to handle ourselves with kid gloves and spend a day out on the playground.

Take the time you need, but still do the things that need to be done. Get your house in order, the best you can, and then chase your dreams with complete abandon. Write, or somehow work on the craft or whatever your outlet may be that keeps you sane, but be diligent…don’t let excuses and obstacles bog you down and keep you from creating.

And most of all, make it fun. The busyness of life can be overwhelming. Don’t let it. Breathe.


ML Swift